5D: Autoboot preventing use of M.L. on other CF cards

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Mattatarian created an issue

We have three 5D Mark II's, all running firmware 2.0.8. Each of the three 5D's have 5 32GB 133X Kingston CF Cards assigned to them.

On the first 5D we put Magic Lantern onto a card, ran the firmware and Magic Lantern 0.1.9 ran perfectly. Then, on the same camera and card, we enabled Autoboot. The camera and card reboot into Magic Lantern flawlessly with each power cycle.

The Problem: Now that Autoboot has been enabled on the first CF card, Magic Lantern will not run using other cards. All the cards are identical, with the same ML 0.1.9 files in the root dir.

The same problem was repeated using our second 5D and it's cards. The first card to enable Autoboot, is from that point on the only card which can run the ML firmware.

To further test the issue, we loaded the ML 0.1.9 files onto the cards for our third 5D. The difference this time is we did NOT enable Autoboot on any of the cards. As a result, this camera is able to run Magic Lantern from any of its cards.

After reinstalling the Canon 2.0.8 firmware and reformatting the cards for the first two cameras, we are still unable to resolve the issue. Even once the card that will run Magic Lantern is reformatted, it is still the only one that will run it. Additionally, we tried enabling he boot flag using the bootCF.exe method, all to no avail.

It seems as though the problem is when we enabled Autoboot, the card and the camera became married. The camera only wants to run Magic Lantern with the card which had Autoboot enabled, and will just lockup when trying to initiate the Magic Lantern firmware on other cards.

Any help would be profoundly appreciated.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Here's how I fixed this problem:

    -Pair the camera with the first card

    -Copy of the contents of the card onto a folder on your computer

    -Pair the new card [unsuccessfully] with the camera

    -Delete the contents of the new card

    -Copy the contents of the folder you made to the new card

    -Try the card in your camera- ML should work fine.

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