[7D] Early Stop (9) Encountered

Issue #1922 duplicate
Douglas Bischoff created an issue

The dialog requests "this is a bug: please report it."

Recording Raw 1.0 on 7D. Lexar 1000, 32mb card.

ML Nightly.2014Mar25.7D203

1728 x 1152 resolution

Stops after about 20 seconds.

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  1. One Percent

    I had a bunch of skips at 38 sec until I warmed up the card and tried some other buffer methods. Now it seems back to normal. No early stops though. Try method 1 and then 3.

  2. Douglas Bischoff reporter

    One Percent: not sure what you mean by "other buffer methods." I've looked through the menus and don't see that. Is this a "MLV" setting, or a RAW "1.0" setting? Many thanks for your help.

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