7D is dead when upgrade firmware why?

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Hello im trying to upgrade ML for the first time. i have Canon firmware 2.0.5 but ML should overwrite it to firmware ML 2.0.3? i had copied and done accetly like these tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0Kqt1oXr-Y). But when im confirm to upgrade firmware the camera is just dead. autofocus work but nothing else. i had formatet the card and removed the battery. can somebody please help me?

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  1. Gabriel Lahovary

    Okey, my friend told me if i have Canon firmware 2.0.5 the ML firmware should overwrite canons firmware and install ML 2.0.3?

    i downloaded and tested both these files: magiclantern-7D.203.Alpha1 magiclantern-7D.203.Alpha2

    i downloaded one of those from these site: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=3103.0

    Do you have some better files you could send to me?

  2. Alex

    Both alpha1 and alpha2 should refuse to load on 2.0.5. Remove the card, remove the battery, put the battery back and restart.

  3. Gabriel Lahovary

    I have done it already. i reed that i should do like you told me. So you mean no camera with 2.0.5 could use ML right know? BUMMER!

  4. Gabriel Lahovary

    Yes the camera works as usually. but do you mean that i cant use ML because i have 2.0.5 canon firmware?

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