Mic/Audio recording doesnt work.

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600d and nightly build. Audio overrides are enabled. Played with gain control. No audio meters and no sound recording. Works when Audio override is disabled and native canon settings are used. Plug in external mic while recording and sound is being recorded on internal and external mic. Then unplug ext. mic while still recording the internal mic. records still sound.

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  1. Dreamerr

    I just checked 3-31 nightly on 600D and audio meters / settings are working fine.

    I see in the change-log some notes regarding audio features on the 650/700D so something might have been temporarily broken.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Sorry having bothered you. Now works again with most recent nightly build on external and internal mic as expected. Btw thanks a lot for this great software. Dont know how to run hg bisec. Sorry...

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