5D Mark III - Using Optical Viewfinder Shutter needs two pushs to take photo

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Hey guys,

I don't often use the optical viewfinder to take photos, but yesterday i found this bug by playing around, here it is:

When I use the optical viewfinder (seeing the menu on the lcd and looking through the OVF) and i want to take a photo i push the shutter fully down, and the camera's mirror locks as well as the whole camera freezes, i can't switch modes or do anything. If i press the shutter again, it takes the picture and the camera is free again. I have never seen this before, but again i rarely use the OVF, but now i know it's there it bugs me a lot. Any suggestions?

Another thing is: When shooting raw picture and jpegs at the same time (Raw+L) the aspect ratios differ. With Raw it is 57603840 with JPEG it is 57603240

I use ML on my 5D3 for about 2-3 months now, but only now have discovered those errors. Can you help me out?

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