5D3-123 Focus Peaking grayscale image option not working

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Former user created an issue

In the ML menu it gives the option under the focus peaking submenu to turn on grayscale image, but when turned on the LCD image still appears in full color

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  1. Nic Gordon

    Any news on when this issue might get a fix?

    I always used the grayscale image and focus peaking on the 5DmkII, so it would be great to have it on the Mark III.

    I'm using magiclantern-Nightly.2017Jun17.5D3123.


  2. Alex

    This issue needs reverse engineering, and currently I have no idea where to look. That means, even if this would be the highest priority feature, I cannot predict whether it will take some hours or some years.

    If you find this feature is more important than clean HDMI out or dual monitor support, just downgrade to 1.1.3.

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