[7D] RAW HDMI Tearing

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Douglas Bischoff created an issue

ML Nightly 2014Mar31.7D203

Various settings of Raw recording work fine when no HDMI is attached. When HDMI is attached, image "tearing" results. See attached image.

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  1. Douglas Bischoff reporter

    a1ex & whoever else works on 7D issues, I am starting to believe that this issue and several others I've recently reported on the 7D are related to the rpc handling code. I'd like to bounce some ideas off someone before I start tinkering with code, but am not sure who wrote that code. Could someone PM or email me?

  2. One Percent

    go ahead and tinker with it but I think the likely culprit is single buffering LV. ie. don't use display filters with HDMI

  3. Douglas Bischoff reporter

    Tested Nightly Build 0416.7D today. GlobalDraw "OFF" in the raw_mlv menu, and nothing in the Display menu turned on.

    Still tears at least once per 24 frames, usually 3 in a row (which is interesting in itself).

    This is at 1600 x 1156 with a Lexan 1000x card, no skipped frames showing.

    Only when HDMI monitor is attached.

  4. Douglas Bischoff reporter

    Not sure how to do it before LV is opened.

    I did set it before the HDMI is connected, and the problem still exists. See the link for settings file and sample of what it looks like.

    Interestingly, raw_rec.mo with the same resolution and settings does NOT exhibit this tearing, even when Preview is set to Auto. I'll start poking around the code to try and find out what differences might account for this. ZIP of CFG and screenshot

  5. Douglas Bischoff reporter

    Trying to work on this is made harder by the fact that enabling "Debug trace" then turning the camera off and back on again and recording does nothing: there is no debug file anywhere on the card that I can locate.

    Rather than keep posting 7D-specific issue reports here (I have many) is there a "known issues on 7D" or "we know this doesn't work: keep your pants on" list somewhere?

  6. Douglas Bischoff reporter

    Trace module isn't included in the nightly builds.

    When I try to compile it (in the modules directory, makefile.user adding "trace" to the list) I get numerous compile warnings and no module is built: "some warnings treated as errors." Lots of -Wsign-compare errors, implicit function declarations, and mismatched types passed to functions.

    So... no trace module.

    Perhaps I should try to clean up the trace module code first.

  7. Douglas Bischoff reporter

    Got trace to compile with the following patch:

    diff -r f424fd05ed8b modules/trace/trace.c
    --- a/modules/trace/trace.c Thu Apr 17 23:56:29 2014 +0200
    +++ b/modules/trace/trace.c Fri Apr 18 11:42:40 2014 -0400
    @@ -4,12 +4,14 @@
     #include <module.h>
     #include <dryos.h>
     #include <bmp.h>
    +#include <string.h>
     #include "trace.h"
     static trace_entry_t trace_contexts[TRACE_MAX_CONTEXT];
     extern tsc_t get_us_clock_value();
    +extern void beep();
     /* general selection of allocation method */
     void *trace_alloc(int size)
  8. Johanan Pandone

    I just wanted to update this issue to say that the only workaround I have found is to select "force vga" in the advanced tab. This sends 480p over hdmi and I don't experience this tearing in the recorded image. some additional details: it doesn't matter how low I set the resolution, I disable global draw and filters disabled, the recorded image always has tearing when hdmi out is in 1080i mode. I hope this is helpful.

  9. Johanan Pandone

    I recently discovered that this issue is not present in TL,

    One Percent, if you are reading, can you please share some information about how you fixed this issue so the changes can be ported back to main? This is one of the final pieces needed to bring 7D up to date. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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