6D video files deleted after improper shutdown

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Had a shoot today using 6D with Sandisk Extreme 32gb 45/mbps card. Played back several clips during the shoot, no issues.

Shut down camera, went home, ejected card, plugged into Macbook and the card shows 0 files. Tried 2nd Macbook Pro and same issue.

Put card back into camera, turned it on, got a ML message saying "improper shutdown, skipping modules" (happened 3-4 times in the past few weeks). Pressed playback button, camera says "no images"

Hoping disk recovery software works...

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  1. Ryan Whitten

    Never froze or had any issues besides an increase in frequency of improper shutdown messages from ML.

  2. Ryan Whitten

    I think only on reboot after dumping media to computer. Unfortunately don't have log files as I deleted ML for safety on upcoming shoot

  3. One Percent

    hmmm... sounds like its something with your card readers since the magic happens after reading/dumping the media. You should also wait for the LED flash before removing the card.

    Someone else had this issue and they also had mac + sandisk

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