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when i put ml on the camera, everything was has been working the past two months no problem. while on a recent camping trip. i was filming and a error came up saying video stopped recording, then after that i shut it off then back on. when back to filming, after that did same issue after 7 seconds. then after that it suddenly just shut off, while turning it on...it had three or so shutter sounds then turned off. did that for the next two boots.now it wont turn on with sd card in it, will boot fine with no card. I've read through all the topics i can on here and the install guild. so might of done one step off but seems to be weird it worked for so long and now having a issue...back on topic the memory card has been cleared when imported on my computer, all videos were all fine, but some how deleted all files with ml and all other files so its empty sd now.so now when i add the sd card it does not turn on, with out it does turn on fine and such,tried reading through all the posting about or around the issue, just need to know what are my steps from here when the it wont boot with the card in the camera? please and thanks again.

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  1. Audionut

    The camera will not boot, if the bootflag is enabled on the card, but the ML files are not on the card.

    Disable the bootflag from the card, or, copy the ML files to the card.

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