6d: 2014-April-9 nightly build won't install. Locks up camera.

Issue #1948 invalid
l_allan created an issue

Locks up camera when attempted to install. Power light won't come on. Filename: magiclantern-Nightly.2014Apr09.5D3113.zip

May or may not matter: missing ML-6D113.FIR

Able to recover by re-installing magiclantern-Nightly.2014Mar25.6D113.zip

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  1. l_allan reporter

    also why are you using 5d3 autoexec on 6D?

    Sorry. Carelessness on my part to download the 5d3 version, and then not notice it wasn't for the 6d. I think I just noticed the "113" fw, which is the same for both 6d and 5d3.

    I'll try the build with filename: magiclantern-Nightly.2014Apr13.6D113.zip

    OK. Fine. Whew. And my apologies for the "false alarm".

    you shouldn't need to install every night...

    I don't. Generally, I put on a "fresh nightly build" every two to four weeks. I suppose that makes me more of a "casual user" of ML. For what I do, there doesn't seem to be much changing in terms of capabilities, but I certainly could be mistaken on that.

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