600D Not working after instaling Nightly.2014April04.600d102

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val created an issue

Have been using ML for a couple of years without any issues. But after updating my 600d to newest nightly build it worked for several minutes, then just hang displaying some weird pinky matrix on the LCD. Now the camera freezes with blank LCD if i try to:

  1. Enter LiveView (or video mode),

  2. Take a picture (shutter 'clicks', and camera freezes without saving a pic),

  3. Review any pictures.

Have to reinsert the battery to start the camera up again. Tried uninstalling ML, starting up without a card, clearing setting, reinstalling firmware, etc.. Still have the same issue.

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  1. val reporter

    thx for reply a1ex. Unfortunately no logs created (only RAM4.bin, ROM0.bin, ROM1.bin in 'logs' folder, could attach then if you think they could help). As i mentioned earlier, if camera is not in LV mode i can go to menus (both canon and ML), change all the settings etc. only if i take a pic or go to LV it freezes blank (red led shines constantly sometimes), after reinserting the battery ML reports improper shut down and module skipping.

  2. Christian Jensen

    Same issue on latest nightly

    Reinstalled canon firmware, formatted cards, updated to latest firmware still same issue

  3. val reporter

    Ok, interesting follow up.. Took my camera to repair, and according to repairmen the main board was broken, and it needs to be replaced, OR could be fixed but would only work when shutter speed is faster than 1/60, otherwise it would cause an error. So, the main board got replaced. I stopped associating this issue with ML. Now the weird part. After getting my beloved 600D back I installed the "nightly" again, and guess what! Exactly the same issue, after few days... Took it back to repair, and they replaced the board again (as they say), now using the solid v2.3 as before without any problems. Would love to get the nightly, but don't have courage to risk again :] Any comments or thoughts on this would be highly appreciated. IMG_9407.JPG

  4. Christian Jensen

    Okay so this is where the issue differs, I no longer have the pink matrix but It'll hang at writing to the SD card

  5. val reporter

    Same here. The "pink matrix art" only appeared once, when the camera crashed for the first time.

  6. Alex

    If it works with 2.3, but not with the nightly, can you do a few tests?

    • load the nightly, but keep the SET button pressed at startup (so ML will load, but will be inactive). Does it work?
    • clear all ML settings and don't load any modules. Does it work?
    • start enabling your usual settings, until you find the culprit.
  7. val reporter

    No, never. I was always very gentle to it :] been doing quite a lot of filming tho. Btw none of the solutions a1ex suggested worked for me. Camera did not work either with or without ML. As mentioned earlier, it would start up, let me change settings etc. but crash immediately after enabling Live View (or video mode) or taking a picture (which would not save).

  8. Bodhi Dharma

    Hello, I just wanted to add something, I have a 600D too and installed the nightly, the screen was having some glitches, and then I read this. I will stop trying the nightly, but I do want to participate as a tester and try to give reports to developers in order to collaborate with them. I will wait until this is solved, and then will install the latest nightly. Is this the best way to collaborate? Or can I do something else.

  9. Bodhi Dharma

    what called my attention is that it happened twice.. it could be that the first time they didn't changed the board... but then it happened to another person

    a1ex, in my mind an intensive application like video is a lot more demanding than taking pictures, would you think Im safe if all I do is take pictures? because I have a 600D and can give you some input.

  10. Magic Lantern

    As I got my 600D in April this year and since then installed every nightly build I do support a1ex when he says, this is probably some weird issue not connected to ML.

    I got some hangs or whatever to call it, but every "issue", if you want to call it that, was fixed by removing the batteries (all reported and fixed; thanks a1ex).

  11. Magic Lantern

    @deffekto: I did not get any overheat warning though used my 600D for longer periods with live view active. Temperature never rises above 30 Celsius.

  12. Bodhi Dharma

    which nightly? I was waiting for this to solve before trying again on my 600D, but after your words, I will try them again, and report back any issue.

    what made me wonder is that 2 persons reported this failure.. if it was just one, it could be easily discarded as hardware failure on that particular camera and not related to ML.. but.. TWO different cameras? that would be more than .. coincidence..

  13. Magic Lantern

    I have to correct my statement concerning the temperature. Im doing some testing at the moment and record movie to push the temperature. It just reached 56 C after 15 min. Nonetheless the camera is stable. Back in April I had some very minor issues with movie mode/audio recording. These were solved by the end of April as far as I can remember. Since then movie mode has been operating perfectly. I today use the most current build as of yesterday August 2nd 2014. What I should make of the fact that 2 cameras showed the same failure, I dont know.

  14. Bodhi Dharma

    I installed and Im running one of the latest nightly, don't have my camera at hand so I don't have the exact build, but it is about two weeks from now. And so far, it is working flawlessly. I have not taken that many pictures, but I have been using it with ETTR and DUAL ISO enabled. Hope this helps.

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