Aettr doesn't activate dual iso after the first photo when doing timelapse

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when i try to do day to night timelapse, and enabling both ettr and dual iso on my canon 6d, it takes the first photo in dual iso, but the rest of the photos are being taken regularily..which is not good for me if i put the lens towards the sun..i want HDR type of look from day to night with all the details in the skies. is there a way to force dual iso with ettr? i tried ettr with AEB but ettr won't activate if i enable AEB with the previous software like on the 60D it was so had sunset/sunrise bulb ramping

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  1. Audionut

    If you have the dual_iso link enabled in AETTR, then dual_iso should activate based on the SNR settings in AETTR. If it isn't, then this would be classed as a bug.

    Otherwise, you can disable the dual_iso link, and dual_iso will always be activated, using the settings in dual_iso.

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