5D mark iii repeating the two same frames for ever

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william cote created an issue


Yesterday i shot about 40gb of RAW with these specs:

1920x840 - 24fps - sync separate wav - RAW module - Buffer Full (Stop recording) - Global Draw (Off) - CF card Lexar 1000x 64gb.

Something strange happened to 5 of the 30 .RAW. The whole clip it is two frame repeating themselves.

The first .RAW to the 15th were fine but it started to glitch at the 16th to the 20th then 21th to the end were fine.

In the viewer it wasn't the two same frames repeating, i only realized they were repeating when using raw2dng and checking the DNG/QT.

Here is a sample: it is always the 2-3 same frames in the 5 RAW file.


Any idea about what caused this and if it is possible to get the footage or if it is lost (i'm pretty sure i can't get them back but in case, it was the best 5 clips i shot...)?

If you need any specs don't hesitate to contact me!

Let me know,

Thanks, William

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  1. william cote reporter

    Honestly i have no idea, that's what i need to find out... I think it might be related to the "silent picture mode" as the first shot i changed the shutter speed while filming the problem appeared, might be relevant. Maybe another theory, i found out that in my CF card there was one of the frame (one of the glitched frame) that was taken in .DNG in a single picture, maybe in silent picture mode by accident?

    I will try to reproduce it and keep you updated!

    Thanks, William

  2. Alex

    Possible; silent pictures were not meant to be used in parallel with raw recording. Never thought to run them both at the same time.

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