6D/M/100D/70D: In Live View mode, ML Menu times out after 5-10s

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There are multiple reports about this in the forums (see below). Basically, when in Live View mode, if the ML Menu is accessed (via the trash button), it times out and goes back to the Canon Live View screen after typically 5-10 seconds. The amount of time it takes to go back varies.

Nanomad on the forums says that "The underlying Canon dialog times out." I think this is right -- I have noticed that when the ML Menu disappears, for a very brief period (maybe 1/10 of a second) a Canon-looking dialog appears but then the regular Live View mode is shown immediately thereafter.

http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=10939.msg106042#msg106042 http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=8104.msg73551#msg73551 http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=11445.msg111510#msg111510 http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=11072.msg107928#msg107928 http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=10393.msg100514#msg100514

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  1. Evan Mezeske

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I have not seen this problem when in non-live-view mode. So the workaround is to switch the camera to viewfinder mode, enter the ML Menu, make your changes, exit the ML menu, and switch back to ML mode. Not very convenient, but better than nothing.

  2. Alex

    I think there are two possible solutions:

    • find the timer that causes Canon's dialog to timeout, and cancel it
    • send dummy button clicks (with fake_simple_button) every few seconds, to trick Canon code and reset the timer

    For 1, one has to do some reverse engineering, see https://bitbucket.org/hudson/magic-lantern/commits/a7dc5d47796fa6a473313d5cdd40f47b1c005e21 and https://bitbucket.org/hudson/magic-lantern/pull-request/480/prevent-date-time-from-flickering-while-ml

    For 2, no low-level research is required, just somebody willing to check how these dialogs react to fake events.

    Something like this in don't click me:


    Extra care must be taken to make sure the fake buttons don't do any action in the menu (either find a button code that does nothing in menu, or block the fake event in handle_ml_menu_keys).

  3. Ed Halley

    Just confirming I see this same issue. I have to switch away from LiveView (including movie mode) to make any changes to movie capture ML settings. Since all the movie capture settings appear dim/disabled when not in movie mode, it can be hard to see the settings in bright environments.

  4. Jarno Paananen

    In case this is related to EOS M menu disappearing after a few seconds as well, I tried number 2 of a1ex's suggestions. I tried a few button codes (EOS M doesn't have that many buttons to begin with) and with all of them the menu still disappeared like before. Even when I used button left for example, which made the ML menu move between tabs, the menu still closed. If I browse the menus normally with physical buttons it doesn't close so there seems to be something different between those and faking them.

  5. Alex

    If faking the left button causes ML menu to move between tabs, the event does not reach Canon GUI code. Can you comment out the "case BGMT_PRESS_LEFT" from handle_ml_menu_keys (menu.c) and try the same test?

    To make sure the event reaches Canon code (and is not trapped by some ML feature), you can print it in gui.c, at the very end, right before calling f(event); that "f" is Canon's event handler.

  6. Jarno Paananen

    Tried both BGMT_PRESS_LEFT and BGMT_UNPRESS_LEFT and unfortunately neither help. The event goes to Canon code and moves the AF square over ML menu, but the menu still disappears as before.

  7. Jarno Paananen

    Thanks, that seems quite handy tool! I think I got pretty good, even if a bit verbose, log out of it, put it in https://www.dropbox.com/s/is79w3pponeb5ii/DM.zip

    I put this small snippet to run_test() and set FPS override to 1 fps so that it started the log when I was back in ML menu and stopped a short while after Canon code closed it.

        debug_intercept(); /* setup the logging code */
        debug_intercept();  /* save the log */

    Anything I should be looking for in the log?

  8. One Percent

    I tried killing dialog timers, blink timer/olc timer and a bunch of others just like the date timer trick. None of them would prevent the menu from disappearing. I found a value that changes when the dialog goes away and altering it only left the dialog up frozen with no scroll wheels. Its like there is an MPU timeout or something.

  9. Alex

    Thanks; I asked because @nikfreak also wanted to look at it on 6D.

    I can't tell much from the log though (only that SetGUIRequestMode call - done by ML - is done right after the underlying dialog was closed). Maybe printing the messages in real-time would help, but that's quite hard because there are a lot of them...

  10. nikfreak

    @Alex, just out of curiosity: do you think if redoing the logs with the latest changes can achieve some better logs as provided logs by Jarno are 2 months old? Like compiling unified and applying the dm-spy-extra stuff into it before compiling? Had a look in unified but can't find dm-spy-extra.c in it. Only dm-spy.c/h. Would it be like copying it from dm-spy-experiments branch to my local unified dir and afterwards enableing something in makefile and afterwards compile? Can you give me a hint how I could achieve this if I want to compile latest unified with dm-spy-experiments. Could need this stuff for future work....

  11. nikfreak

    Hmmmm seen some Stub correction for EOS-M today so browsed through 6D one's, too. Does

    /** Dialog API **/
    NSTUB(0xFF4B4E74,  dialog_redraw)

    have any effect on this? Dunno if it's used somewhere in code and could be relevant for this bug. If so then I think above listed stub is wrong.

    I assume it is either 0xFF4B59D8 or FF4B5A3C-RAM_OFFSET or FF4B5A98. Can anyone check???

  12. Alex

    This one is used for asking Canon graphics to redraw. If it's incorrect, it should be really obvious (try commenting it out in zebra.c).

    There is a stress test for it in the Debug menu (Redraw test).

  13. nikfreak

    I did check the stubs from 5D ROM before commenting here yesterday. Did it the same way I found the other handful stubs for 6D with comparing 5D ROM in ARMu. I did some other test yesterday and used my guessed stubs posted above to compile autoexec.bin for 6D. I couldn't see any changing effect of this stub on my 6D whichever of the above stubs I use. So to sum it up: Whatever value I use for this stub nothing changes compared to nightlies. Gave up on this to play around with 32MB card benchmark buffer afterwards.

  14. Alex

    Here's an easy way to see it: run both the rectangle test and the redraw test in parallel at the same time. Start the rectangle test first, to see the difference. When you run both, the rectangles will be erased quickly by the redraws.

    If you don't run the rectangle test, make sure you have some ML overlays on. After the LED blinks, these should flicker like crazy.

  15. nikfreak

    If I remove if-clause in src/gui.c but keep "TASK_OVERRIDE( gui_main_task, ml_gui_main_task);" and recompile then nothing changes on 6D - wether being in Photo mode or LV. Works like before. Obsolete?:

    #ifndef CONFIG_6D
    TASK_OVERRIDE( gui_main_task, ml_gui_main_task);

    In boot-hack.c all those if-clauses for 6D are confusing. Hijacking 6D gui-task? Is there no possibility to remove that? Another idea may be to re-initiate the 6d gui_task when switching between photo and LV mode to get the bug fixed.

  16. Alex

    I'd also like to fix the task override on 6D, but Canon changed their internal task structure. They also did that on 100D, and probably on 70D. Luckily, QEMU can emulate the DryOS task scheduler, so it's the tool to use in order to fix this. Not an easy job though.

    Another thing to try: Canon calls these things every time they receive an event from the MPU (including button codes):

    call("DisablePowerSave") call("EnablePowerSave")

    And the last idea is to trace the MPU events from SIO3_ISR, figure out how they are translated into GUI events (it probably starts in SwitchFromPartner, not 100% sure), and see what else is called in this process (it must reset some timer somewhere, I guess).

    Will post some findings about MPU communication soon.

  17. nikfreak

    Anonymous Bug Creator writes:

    "Nanomad on the forums says that "The underlying Canon dialog times out." I think this is right -- I have noticed that when the ML Menu disappears, for a very brief period (maybe 1/10 of a second) a Canon-looking dialog appears but then the regular Live View mode is shown immediately thereafter."

    I narrowed it down. It's the "Image Quality" Canon menu (where you select RAW / MRAW... / JPEG L / M / S1...) which is visible for some milliseconds. No matter which canon menu I use before. It's always that image quality menu which is underlying. Additionally and that's a lil bit strange: normally this canon menu has red marker boxes but the underlying one seems to have orange color.

    maybe this description is useful to fix the problem. Anyone an idea?

  18. Alex

    I guess all transparent LV dialogs have the same timeout value, right?

    The mystery is where this timer gets set up - if we knew the timer address, we could simply cancel it.

  19. nikfreak

    Yes, each have the same timeout value. It's about 3-5 sec. Will have to play around with dmspy and add some code to "don't click me". maybe that can help to identify what's happening.

  20. Alex

    Good point. Logging timer functions may help (it's most likely a plain timer, not a high-res one, so logging SetTimerAfter might be useful).

  21. nikfreak

    ok @Alex I have repeatedly stuff like this:

     CtrlSrv:ff52be84:83:01: StartDialogRefreshTimer
       CtrlSrv:00c68888:00:00: *** SetTimerAfter(0x32, 0xff52be34, 0xff52be34, 0x0), from ff52be98
    **INTERRUP:00c68888:00:00: *** TryPostEvent(&"TaskClass", 0x74adc0, 0x3, 0x0, 0x0), from 13b68
    **INTERRUP:00023680:9b:01: eppDeliverInterruptCBR[0]
    **INTERRUP:00c68888:00:00: *** TryPostEvent(&"TaskClass", 0x7336fc, 0x11, 0x0, 0x0), from ff172ba8
    **INTERRUP:00c68888:00:00: *** TryPostEvent(&"TaskClass", 0x75b8c0, 0x9, 0x0, 0x0), from ff24b078

    especially the first 2 lines can be seen in the log together while the other following ones don't pop up always but still often... Could only paste some kbs to pastebin:


  22. nikfreak

    Ok I found some GUI mode changes like this:

    PropMgr:ff0cc964:89:03: GUI_STATE : IDLE (SW = 1, JOB = 0)
       PropMgr:ff0dfb44:85:03: GUI_ChangeMode:0
       PropMgr:ff0df994:85:03: GUI_Control:55 0x0
       PropMgr:00c68824:00:00: *** TryPostEvent(&"TaskClass", &"PropMgr", 0x5, 0xa5d5f0, 0x80020000), from ff130844
       PropMgr:ff30d23c:01:03: Deliv WaitID = 0x80020000, 0xFF0CCC5C(9)
       PropMgr:00c68824:00:00: *** TryPostEvent(&"TaskClass", &"PropMgr", 0x5, 0xae76dc, 0x80020000), from ff130844
       PropMgr:ff30d23c:01:03: Deliv WaitID = 0x80020000, 0x00C3F650(10)
       PropMgr:ff1120a0:33:01: SendPipeEvent [0][0][18]
       PropMgr:ff109044:42:01: Com_MgrSendEvent [0][0][44]
       PropMgr:ff1a9b2c:83:01: changeCBR PropID(0x8000000b)Parameter(0)Size(2)
       PropMgr:ff3104fc:01:03: Complete WaitID = 0x80020000, 0xFF0EEF38(9)
       PropMgr:ff3104fc:01:03: Complete WaitID = 0x80020000, 0xFF153634(8)
       PropMgr:ff3104fc:01:03: Complete WaitID = 0x80020000, 0xFF109C30(7)
       PropMgr:ff3104fc:01:03: Complete WaitID = 0x80020000, 0xFF26F3E4(6)
       PropMgr:ff3104fc:01:03: Complete WaitID = 0x80020000, 0xFF11210C(5)
       PropMgr:ff3104fc:01:03: Complete WaitID = 0x80020000, 0xFF297498(4)
       PropMgr:ff3104fc:01:03: Complete WaitID = 0x80020000, 0xFF437374(3)
       PropMgr:ff3104fc:01:03: Complete WaitID = 0x80020000, 0xFF0CCC5C(2)
       PropMgr:ff3104fc:01:03: Complete WaitID = 0x80020000, 0x00C3F650(1)
           Gmt:ff1749dc:9a:02: gmtProperty ID=0x80020000(0x0)
           Gmt:ff177188:9a:02: PROP_GUI_STATE :0
           Gmt:00c68824:00:00: *** TryPostEvent(&"TaskClass", &"PropMgr", 0x5, 0x747e04, 0x80020000), from ff130844
           Gmt:ff0dde30:9a:01: Event 19 Result State 6->6 ID 0x80020000(0) 
       PropMgr:ff3104fc:01:03: Complete WaitID = 0x80020000, 0xFF1780F0(0)
       PropMgr:ff146a60:00:01: [PM] DisablePowerSave (Counter = 5)
       PropMgr:ff146ad0:00:01: [PM] EnablePowerSave (Counter = 4)
    **INTERRUP:ff146a60:00:01: [PM] DisablePowerSave (Counter = 5)
    **INTERRUP:ff146ad0:00:01: [PM] EnablePowerSave (Counter = 4)
    GuiMainTas:ff0dfd1c:84:01: GUI_CONTROL:17
    GuiMainTas:00c68824:00:00: *** CancelTimer(0x17, 0x60000013, 0x1, &"ifyCBR(NOTIFY_PRINTER_CONNECT)"), from ff1aa014
    GuiMainTas:ff1ac128:84:01: gui control end
    GuiMainTas:ff1ac148:84:01: 0msec = 30450 - 30450
    GuiMainTas:ff1ac164:84:01: 140msec = 92165 - 92305
    GuiMainTas:ff0dfd1c:84:01: GUI_CONTROL:15
    GuiMainTas:00c68824:00:00: *** CancelTimer(0x17, 0x60000013, 0x1, 0x1d62fc), from ff1aa014
    GuiMainTas:ff1ac128:84:01: gui control end
    GuiMainTas:ff1ac148:84:01: 0msec = 30450 - 30450
    GuiMainTas:ff1ac164:84:01: 129msec = 92498 - 92627
    GuiMainTas:ff0dfe20:84:01: GUI_CHANGE_MODE:0
    GuiMainTas:ff1ac2a8:84:03: GUI_ChangeMode_Post:0, 0, 8
    GuiMainTas:ff0dfd1c:84:01: GUI_CONTROL:55
    GuiMainTas:00c68824:00:00: *** CancelTimer(0x17, 0x60000013, 0x0, &" Not exist"), from ff1aa014
    GuiMainTas:ff1ac128:84:01: gui control end
    GuiMainTas:ff1ac148:84:01: 0msec = 30460 - 30460
    GuiMainTas:ff1ac164:84:01: 128msec = 93005 - 93133
    **INTERRUP:00c68824:00:00: *** TryPostEvent(&"TaskClass", 0x74ab54, 0x3, 0x0, 0x0), from 13b68

    A more detailed log is here: http://pastebin.com/AVkv8ksY

    The full log about 4.33MB is here: http://www.file-upload.net/download-9704590/dm.log.html Hope that helps to find a solution.

  23. nikfreak

    as 70D suffers from same problem in movie and LV I now found out that it won't happen while recording. Doesn't matter if raw_rec used or not. The bug won*t happen.

    Interestingly the menu background will be transparent (kind of very light grey, you can see trough it) while recording (not black). Can't remember if it was transparent when I used to have a 6D. Also took a screenshot from menu but that ppm will have the screen black and not transparent although it appears transparent on LCD. Now tried to catch a log while recording and pressing trash button like crazy (about 20 times to bring the menu on and off.

    Once recording is stopped the bug appears again. menu background is black again. Reproducable whenever I want - also after cold boot.

    Full Log as described

  24. Paul Leavitt

    I'm new to bitbucket (but I've been using ML for 2+ years), I have this same issue on my 6D 1.1.3. Is there a way to upvote bugs or just add my voice to the crowd? I tried disabling all the timers I could think of in the canon menus, image review, power off, etc. Didn't change anything.

  25. Maqs

    You can vote for the bug, but it won't help fixing it. It's just really hard to fix and requires a lot of time and a good understanding of the inner workings of the Canon firmware. There could be workarounds I'm looking into, but I cannot promise anything.

  26. Alex

    PROP_LV_ACTION is used to turn LiveView on or off (see PauseLiveView/ResumeLiveView).

    I believe we should cancel some timer, but I have no idea how to find it. I have some hopes with QEMU though.

  27. Daniel Fort

    I've been doing some testing on a 700D and noticed that it isn't an issue with this camera. I've also been testing the 100D and it does have this issue.

    Please edit the description, removing 700D and adding 100D.

  28. David Milligan

    FYI, I have an EOS M now.

    So what's wrong with just restarting the Canon dialog? There's actually already code to do this that is commented out (with a macro, not comments). That current code causes the screen to blink, but if you take out the bmp_off() and start_redraw_flood(), then it works just fine. Every once and a while the red scroll wheel icon blinks (I assume this is during the time between when the Canon dialog times out and the new one gets started), but the M's scroll wheel is sort of useless anyway, so I wouldn't mind not using it at all in the menu (so maybe we could eliminate the need for the Canon dialog altogether?). Anyway, I couldn't manage to change Canon settings "accidentally" with the scroll wheel by constantly turning the wheel during this time between when the dialog times out and when a new one is started - that doesn't mean it's not possible if you are more lucky than me, or try longer.

  29. Licaon Kter

    You mean in src/menu.c at line 4045?

    ./src/menu.c-4041-                // don't try more often than once per second
    ./src/menu.c-4042-                static int aux = 0;
    ./src/menu.c-4043-                if (should_run_polling_action(1000, &aux))
    ./src/menu.c-4044-                {
    ./src/menu.c-4045-                    bmp_off();
    ./src/menu.c:4046:                    start_redraw_flood();
    ./src/menu.c-4047-                    SetGUIRequestMode(GUIMODE_ML_MENU);
    ./src/menu.c-4048-                }
    ./src/menu.c-4049-                #endif
    ./src/menu.c-4050-            }
    ./src/menu.c-4051-            else

    If so, I just tried it and it still timeouts in about 6 seconds. :(

  30. David Milligan

    Theoretically, I guess, wheel events could "get through" to Canon firmware and change shooting settings (see the red wheel warning pop up?). I couldn't manage to do it though when I tried. There might be other reasons I'm not aware of which is why I'm asking.

  31. Alex

    Well, none of my cameras time out in LiveView, so you tell me which variant is more usable :P

    And, indeed, if the scroll wheel is not useful, you could try defining GUIMODE_ML_MENU as 0 in consts.h, so it won't use a dialog. This one will probably apply only to EOS M.

  32. Licaon Kter

    So there are some question marks here:

    ./platform/700D.114/consts.h:157: #define GUIMODE_ML_MENU (RECORDING ? 0 : lv ? 90 : 2) // any from 88...98 ?!
    ./platform/70D.111A&B/consts.h:206: #define GUIMODE_ML_MENU (RECORDING ? 0 : lv ? 92 : 2) // any from 88...98 ?!
    ./platform/6D.116/consts.h:143: #define GUIMODE_ML_MENU (RECORDING ? 0 : lv ? 92 : 2) // any from 90...102 ?! find one that works (trial/error)
    ./platform/EOSM.202/consts.h:105: //~ #define GUIMODE_ML_MENU (recording ? 0 : lv ? 90 : 2) // any from 90...102 ?!
    ./platform/EOSM.202/consts.h:107:#define GUIMODE_ML_MENU ( RECORDING_H264 ?  99 : 90 ) // any from 90...102 ?!
    ./platform/100D.100A&B&C/consts.h:105: #define GUIMODE_ML_MENU (RECORDING ? 0 : lv ? 92 : 2) // any from 88...98 ?! // [FOHCIH]

    /LE: on EOS-M setting it at 0 breaks ML menu operations, arrows (pressing up/down/right/left) no longer work.

  33. Alex

    It's a workaround, not a proper fix. The menu still timeouts, flickers, and during that short period, there is a risk of changing some Canon setting by mistake (depending on what dialog is behind ML menu).

  34. Koh Jaen

    Hey Guys

    Thanks for the awesome tools. I have a Canon 6D, and have the same issue (when in live-view and viewing the ML menu). At first I thought perhaps it was just me, but then I stumbled upon this.

    Anyways, just letting y'all know.

    Keep up the good work. Would love to contribute, just need the time!

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