Issues with `mlv_play` and deleting

Issue #2000 resolved
Albert Shih created an issue

There are bugs with related to deleting with mlv_play:

  • Exit mlv_play when the OSD is up and the delete button is in the process of counting down (e.g., by a half-shutter press). If you bring up mlv_play again and the OSD, you can see that the time counter has rolled around to >4e6 seconds, so presumably some static variable didn't properly get zeroed.
  • If I try to delete an MLV file while the countdown is still in progress, it shows the "Deleting" icon, and then starts spitting out errors: mlv_play_del_task: stack warning and Deleting '...' failed, retrying.... The errors must be a bug, but also: shouldn't the countdown block the delete function from being called?

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  1. Albert Shih reporter

    Well, in the strictest sense no, but it still doesn't seem to be working right, just in different ways:

    • If I exit mlv_play when the OSD is up and counting down, the OSD is simply gone when re-entering mlv_play, and I can't seem to call it up at all (without a power cycle).
    • If I try to delete an MLV file (during the countdown), the feedback seems pretty strange. It says "Stopping..." briefly before then exiting mlv_play. Only upon re-entering mlv_play, does it say "Deleting.." and then "Deleted", but the MLV file isn't actually ever deleted.

    (Incidentally, I think I misunderstood the point of the countdown in my initial description.)

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