WB-shift toggling on 5Dmk3 1.2.3 running Marek's build (with ML overlay support when using an external monitor)

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[quote author=Fioritura link=topic=11017.msg115473#msg115473 date=1400237044] I just had a strange experience with the 5D mk3 and Marek's build. The camera would show the ML menu when I pressed the trash button but switch back after a second. I managed to get all setting dialed in and recorded the set, but it appears the camera wants to negate the WB shift setting in irregular intervals, causing short (luckily slight) colour changes for a fixed number of frames. I'll post two samples in a bit. A few hours after the session the camera (with the same card and all) luckily performed without any problems. [/quote]

Here are two samples.



[url]https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B23tS9bIjRt6ZjhfbkVLT0pqTDQ/edit?usp=sharing[/url] [url]https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B23tS9bIjRt6NlAzWEw3UWxxcEU/edit?usp=sharing[/url]

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