50D blue LED does not toggle off after record

Issue #2004 duplicate
Johanan Pandone created an issue

When recording raw, 50D blue LED turns on when recording starts, but does not turn off at the end of recording. To turn the LED off, you must turn live view on and off again. Is this a bug?

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  1. Albert Shih

    Presumably this issue is the same as #1707 and #1798

    I've seen this happen before on my 50D, but not recently. Are you running the latest nightly build? MLV or RAW? Does it happen every time you record or just once in a while? Especially if the latter, are there specific steps to reproduce it?

  2. Johanan Pandone reporter

    Latest nightly build. RAW, the way to reproduce the issue is to select a resolution that is larger that CF card can record continuously, then let the buffer fill up and recording will stop after first dropped frame, but blue LED stays lit forever.

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