Won't boot.

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Using a SanDisk Ultra class 10 SDHC card with a T3I following all the instructions, it won't boot. When I unzip the files to the card it leaves me with the zipped file and a folder labeled ML. Trying to run the update with just that it doesn't read any firmware to update. Going under each folder in the ML folder and dragging them all out to the root makes the camera realize that there is firmware but then it won't install because it says the FONTS.DAT is missing even though it shows up on the card. What am I doing wrong? I follow the instructions repeatedly at least 10 times and it won't work.

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  1. Michael Brower

    I am currently having the same problem and I've read all the information from the install guide/instructions multiple times.

  2. Walter Schulz

    Please follow instructions.

    If you have this issue on T3i/600D: You have to start with an install of v2.3 using a card up to 32 GB. There is a very detailed PDF included. After installation of v2.3 you have to wipe disk. Delete ML directory, Autoexec.bin and any FIR file from root. (And anything else existing on card). Download latest nightly build and copy extracted contents to card: ML directory + Autoexec.bin.

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