650D mlv_play build erro

Issue #2007 resolved
Former user created an issue

when build mlv_play for 650d,like this happened:

[ EXPORTS  ]   mlv_play.sym
00000064 _binary_video_bmp_start
000031a4 mlv_play_file
00004436 _binary_video_bmp_size
0000449a _binary_video_bmp_end
[ DEPENDS  ]   mlv_play.dep
Will NOT load on: 
    650D (SetHPTimerNextTick, SetHPTimerAfterNow)
Not checked (compile ML for these cameras first):

Does this module can't work with 650D yet ? or something else?

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  1. Yu Huangyu

    how this address can be found? adtg_gui ? It's because the miss of SetHPTimerAfter & SetHPTimerNextTick

  2. Yu Huangyu

    I've done some search about how to get the stubs.S's content. I found ARMu is a tool,and I also need the firmware,is the ml/log/ROM0.bin or ROM1.bin? and then how can I find the address?Because in the tutorials i found, they just say about I to gen a stubs.S for a new version of firmware,Thanks a lot

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