600D Build failed

Issue #2008 resolved
Błażej Błaszczuk created an issue

Since 15th of May builds for 600D fail (http://builds.magiclantern.fm/). Haven't seen any info on the forum so I created this issue to make sure that developers know about it.

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  1. escho

    This build will stay broken, until somebody adds the missing stubs:

    debug.o: In function `stub_test_task':
    debug.c:(.text+0x312c): undefined reference to `SetTimerAfter'
    debug.c:(.text+0x3220): undefined reference to `SetTimerAfter'
    debug.c:(.text+0x3518): undefined reference to `SetTimerAfter'
    debug.c:(.text+0x35bc): undefined reference to `CancelTimer'
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