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Edgard Edgard created an issue

HI! Greatings from Peru.

I hope you can help me. My 60d won't turn on! I tried: taking out the battery, testing with many others SD Cards (with and with out ML) i tried with a new ML 2.3 formated card. I got the 5 blinks with one autoexec... What can I do? Is it time to take the camera to service? Thank you a lot for your answer.


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  1. Edgard Edgard reporter

    This happened:

    1) LED blink test: My camera blinked continuosly.

    2) ROM checksum blinker I didn't understood what to do here.

    3) Startup log I replaced the file with the one in this item. My camera red light turns on all the time (does not blink but it is on)

    4) ROM dump Again I replaced the file with the on in this item. My camera red light turns on all the time.

    5) Force a Canon firmware update Sorry, I got lost with all that info.

    Thank you so much for your help!

  2. Alex

    Ouch. I'm afraid there's not much I can do (though I can try to get a more detailed log).

    What did you do last time, before it stopped working? If I can reproduce the issue on my 60D, I can troubleshoot it much easier.

  3. Edgard Edgard reporter

    hi! Today I took my camera to service, Next week they will tell me what happened with it. So now what should I expect?

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