5DII, rack focus, zoom in button issue (0.1.8)

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Hello everybody,

I am running ML 0.1.8 on a 5D downgraded to 2.0.4.

When I press the zoom in button, exactly nothing happens (in Liveview mode with the ML menu on). The only thing it does when I exit the ML menu is the usual: it magnifies the Liveview window.

I'm pretty sure that I'm missing something, so I apologize in advance for this question. I'm following the manual, but I can't set up rack focus.

Thanks so much in advance, and thanks for the entire awesome idea!


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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I also use a 5d - 2.0.8 with ML 0.1.9 and can't get rack focus to work.

    Pressing "Zoom In" does nothing in the Focus Menu with "Focus A:" highlighted. No lens focus movement occurs with either the Canon 24-105 f/4 nor the Canon 15mm f/2.8. Pressing "Zoom Out" exits the menu.

    Also, lens data was incorrectly being read by this beta firmware. In liveview, after playing with the focus menu for a few minutes, the f-stop was reported too low and shutter speed too high (below the small ML display with incorrect numbers was the Canon display with the correct values...) Very strange.

    I'd love to have working rack focus... thanks in advance for your help!

    Cheers, Andrew

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