mlv_play destroy data

Issue #2022 resolved
Dominik Chlup created an issue

Module mlv_play destroyed all data on CF. I played some MLV videos and suddenly camera turned off. I do not know the exact reason. It happened to me in last version (2014-06-23), but in older (few months earlier) version too. CF card contains only one broken file without name (0 kB) and one broken folder "MLVI4" (0 kB) after this crash. But CF card is not empty (after last crash: used 3.97 GB from 29.8 GB). I had this problem on all my CF cards (Transcend UDMA 7 600x 32GB, Lexar Professional UDMA 7 1000x 64GB).

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  1. Alex

    Hm, it runs out of memory. Can you try to reproduce the bug with this one?

    (can't try it right now, but will take a look next week)

    edit: could not reproduce it on 550D, but I'll push the fix anyway (worst case, it will have no effect)

  2. Dominik Chlup reporter

    Picture from previous version of (not yours) from another test which caused loss of data : delete.jpg Test took almost fifteen minutes before occurred loss of data.

  3. Dominik Chlup reporter

    No. But I can not guarantee that it is not possible. I do not know the exact procedure to data loss.

  4. Georg Hofstetter

    also applied some changes to the delete task. here the updated binary.

    a) can you check if it behaves as expected? (if deleting works)

    b) if not, can you load, retry and upload the logfile you see in card root?

    c) why is there a pink background instead of a black one as intended?

  5. Alex

    Pink background is cosmetic; if you paint with COLOR_BG_DARK instead of COLOR_BG, it will work better.

    See bmp.h, but in modules, the camera-specific definitions are not applied.

  6. Johanan Pandone

    I experienced this problem today, and I did not delete anything. I recorded two clips and they were fine when I reviewed them, but when I got back to the studio they were no longer on the card

    I know its useless to share this experience with no steps to reproduce, I will try to do it intentionally and report back.

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