sd card error after unzip Magic Lantern to card and push in to canon 600D

Issue #2025 invalid
dao thuan created an issue

before i used 4gb sd card and setup Magic Lantern ok, run very well then i bought 16gb sd card but before i push this to my canon 600d i was removed Magic Lantern on 4gb sd card then i take it out and push 16gb on and do step by step to setup new .after unzip and push it on to canon 600d, screen notification sd card error, and i take it out and plug it to my laptop then it not run, on my computer not have any thing plugs in my computer, and i push it again on to canon 600d and i turn my canon on but it not on:( screen is black, led red not blink,i was take out battery and take it on but ma canon still not run, i try push 4gb card on canon 600d and it run well, i take 16 sd card to test and doctor talk to me this sd card is dead. please help me! sorry my bad english!

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  1. Magic Lantern

    Try formatting with SDFormatterv4 or similar. If it doesnt work afterwards your card might be defective. With my 600D a 64GB Sandisk Ultra works fine.

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