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I had canon 5d mark ii for 2 years and it was working very good everything worked fine and i had no issues in generall..2 months ago i installed Magic latern and shot 3-4 comercials using the RAW capabilities it was still working normally temperatures 55-60 celcious and last week i shot a small comercial with it's normal settings without RAW neither did i changed anything via the Magic latern menu..I noticed the temperature was near 70 camera was still working..2 days latern i shot some videos and while shooting the camera stoped recording and closed due to battery saving..Then i tried to open it and it doesn't work i have tried everything but i wont even open..

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  1. Alex
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    Can you start it without card?

    Battery saving? Please describe exactly what you did, without ambiguous statements.

  2. nika lominatze@hotmail.com

    No it doesnt start without the card...

    I was recording a video it exceeded the 4gb file size and stopped recording the camera was still on and it stoped by it self after some minutes to save battery i think

    I tried removing battery-card-clock battery and still no go

  3. nika lominatze@hotmail.com

    The camera doesnt turn on... It stoped wokring without any errors..The camera just turned off and i cant turn it on since then

  4. Alex

    Did you actually read the link?

    How you were recording? RAW, MLV or H.264?

    Did the camera stop while it was recording a video, or while in standby?

    You mentioned powersaving. Did you have any powersave settings enabled? Which of them?

    Was it a soft shutdown (with LEDs blinking as usual while turning off) or was it a power loss?

    If it was in LiveView before shutting down, did the mirror go up? (did you hear any noise?)

    Is the battery charged? Are the battery and card doors closed properly?

    Do you see any LED blinks when trying to boot with a ML card?

  5. nika lominatze@hotmail.com

    At the time I was recording H.264 it stopped after the 4 gb limit and i didn't notice and after 30 minutes it shut down in live view mode and i heard the mirror going down.So i changed the battety while the on/off swittch was on because i thought the battery was deplited.I also changed the card to have more space and continued shooting for about an hour i also took some pictures.After i finished i turned off the camera.Two days later i tried to turn on the camera and it would turn on.I have tried 3 different types of cards 6 different batteries 3 lenses.As for the LED blikning the camera doesn't respond at all.

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