Auto turn of ca 30 min @ RAW

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Johann Schür created an issue

Yeah, the camera turns of with MLV RAW after 30 min. Also when auto turn of is disabeld.

Would be maybe also relevant for new full res silent pic??

5D III 113 Nightly last month.

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  1. Johann Schür reporter

    Half Shutter works. Nice! Thanks for that. What does HDMI Recorde mean there? Its for H264 right?

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    Johann Schür

    2014-08-20 22:34 GMT+02:00 Johann Schür

    of ca 30 min @ RAW

    Yes, it is.

    One of the many discussions on the forums:

    Recent discussion on the full-resolution silent pictures thread (where it is pointed out that emulated key presses that ML normally send does not reset the 30-minute timer): View this issue or add a comment by replying to this email. Unwatch this issue to stop receiving email updates. [image: Bitbucket]

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