Can't unistall ML

Issue #2039 resolved
danilo seminara created an issue

Hey there, i have a canon 700d and yesterday i tried to upgrade my firmware. To be honest i had no idea how to upgrade the nightly build i have (14 jun)

i make a backup SD card with this firmware, and after i download the last nigthly i just copy/paste it and overwrite the old version. When i boot the cam it freez and i had to remove my battery, this happened many time. After i choice to unistall ML, so i restored my backup, boot the camera and on canon menu i choice upgrade firmware... Loading, and after the clean sensor i had no way to unistall it. i never see the bootdisk screen to unistall it. the ML menu after the upgrade disappared, but when i reboot the cam it was again up. If someone know a way to upgrade the nightly without unistall ML, this is just what i want, but if i have to unistall it i really need an help cuz i really cant apparently

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  1. David Milligan

    Does your Canon firmware version match the version you downloaded? It should be 1.1.3. If not you need to upgrade the Canon firmware.

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