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Bart Kummel created an issue

For me the most common "bad setting" situation is forgetting to set ISO back to 200 after I used a high value for shooting indoor or at night. It would be great to have a "bad settings" warning whenever the ISO value is above some (preferably configurable) threshold.

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  1. gotar

    There are more settings that users might want to have confirmed (expo compensation) and more options for a setting, like "quality lower than medium-fine" (not just raw). It happens to me to forget about disabled autofocus, it might happen to someone to accidentally disable image stabilization (and this knob might be left unnoticed for a very long time). Currently I'm taking some indoor shots with 1-6 seconds exposition and I need aperture to be kept between 11 and 13 (or simply: locked at 13) during the session.

    I wonder if it wouldn't be better to have this feature in form of separate config file (not altered during normal operation, not autosaved) to be compared to current settings, this way allowing to check anything (including module configuration). The question is: should ML check it's own settings (there is delta menu if anyone wants to review them), or main environment-related (WB, ISO, expo, aperture), or body-attached equipment (IS, AF, flash TTL etc.), or postprocessing (dirt removal, file format and image quality) or any superset (or all) of this ...or just some predefined hardcoded values like now. To be honest the current implementation is mostly useless for me and I simply disabled config autosave for ML settings and recheck main controls manually (unless I forgot and have some photos/time lost, that happens).

    If that feature should stay simple, assuming that one can use multiple ML configs (with possible autosave disabled and delta menu available) I would go for checking all the main controls, that can be easily switched and are common to be switched (because are available directly from the body/main display, not hidden somewhere in sub-menu of sub-menu), i.e.:

    1. shutter speed (with configurable max. time),
    2. aperture (configurable min-max range),
    3. ISO (conf. max value),
    4. mode (mark allowed modes in submenu, not pick only one like now),
    5. expo compensation (conf. min-max range),
    6. WB (other than auto - this is the only one I use),
    7. image quality (select minimum level),
    8. AF/IS.
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