Trash button doesn't get past beta warning screen

Issue #2043 resolved
Albert Shih created an issue

With commit 8fdf8ca, where handle_ml_menu_erase() is moved before handle_ml_menu_keys(), there is now presumably unintended behavior where the Trash button no longer gets past the beta warning screen. That is, one press brings up the beta warning screen, but a second press hides the GUI rather than going to the ML menu. This is the result of handle_ml_menu_erase() handling the Trash button instead of the relevant code in handle_ml_menu_keys() (e.g., calling beta_set_warned()). The user needs to use some other button than Trash to get past the beta warning screen.

It's simple enough to swap the order of the two handler calls in gui-common.c and submit a PR, but I'm not certain there won't be unintended consequences with the new joystick code.

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  1. Alex

    Good catch. I never pressed delete twice, but just started to turn the scrollwheels, so didn't notice it.

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