EOS M Nightly Build Crash

Issue #2049 resolved
Former user created an issue

Trying raw movie mode on EOS M with latest nightly build using Sandisk Extreme pro 95Mb/s SD Card

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  1. Alex

    Can you record a video showing the issue? Did you catch the name of the task where the stack overflow occured?

  2. One Percent

    yea, I haven't pushed anything on my repo because I'm out of state and only brought the 6D and 7D. So haven't tested new silent pics or SRM on eosm.

  3. Daniel Fort

    Came across this issue while looking at the build fails for the EOSM that started on 2015-04-27 but this is obviously reporting on a much older problem that has since been resolved. Please mark this issue as resolved. (I'd do it but don't think that I have the proper permissions.)

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