Assert with raw_diag on EOS M

Issue #2054 resolved
Jarno Paananen created an issue

Trying to get fullres-silent-pics to work on M I used raw_diag to check the skip offsets. The module works and I get the necessary picture out, but after each picture with raw_diag on, I get this assert:

ML ASSERT: lv at ../../src/raw.c:1751 (raw_lv_request), task shoot_task lv:0 mode:3

Magic Lantern version : Nightly.2014Jul19.EOSM202 Mercurial changeset : dc9ca5258a18 (iso-research) Built on 2014-07-19 08:54:56 UTC by jpaana@-. Free Memory : 172K + 3401K

Could be because M is always in live mode?

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  1. Jarno Paananen reporter

    Yup, got fullres-silent-pics to work quite well by using the same edmac as 5D3, though had to disable the error about over 15s exposure. Current skip offsets seem to be ok, skip_top could be reduced by two pixels, but other than that they seem to be ok. There seems to be something wrong with calculating the exposure though as the pictures are quite over exposed unless I set shutter to something like 1/1000s, at which point the exposure simulation shows practically black image. The output DNG image looks similar to normal pictures with shutter around 1/100s or so and otherwise same settings.

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