Rec Picture Stlye Bug

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When using the nightly builds i have noticed a problem with the rec picture style feature. I like to set the preview style to standard and the rec to cinestyle. But every once and a while i will notice that it has randomly changed the settings for each picture style. Meaning the sharpness and the contrast are jacked all the way up for both standard and cinestyle. I don't know if it if related to the auto shut off, punching in to focus, or something completely different. Thanks, keep up the good work!

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  1. One Percent

    that happens to me sometimes when there is a crash or you have to pull the battery. usually while pic style has changed to rec pic style already. Definitely seen it before

  2. Alex

    If it crashes while recording, yes. But mixing the other picture style settings... that looks a bit more serious.

  3. One Percent

    Usually it only left rec pic style as current pic style. Sometimes it would do what was described, i.e suddenly contrast is +, saturation is +, etc. I haven't seen that end of the bug in a while. Was it the pop under dialog for the ML menu on this camera? I noticed at one point the settings would change when operating other things.

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