Movie Restart 7D stuck in loop, cannot stop recording

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When movie restart is enabled on 7D (h264 video) you cannot stop recording. It seems like it's interpreting a user button press (rec/stby) the same way as a 4gb limit stop, because when I press rec/stby to stop recording, it stops for just a moment and then starts recording again automatically (same behavior as when 4gb limit is hit and record restarts)

The only way to exit this loop is to press the play button to review (playback) a movie

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  1. Miquel Rodríguez Telep

    FYI, this issue has been in place for a few months. The last good build that I've been using is 2014Apr06. I can try to pin down in which build the regression occurred, if that helps at all.

  2. Miquel Rodríguez Telep

    There is a suggested fix posted in the forum thread - can it be committed? Is there anything else to do? Cheers.

  3. Walter Schulz

    Setting "Movie Restart" to Off during recording -> Press Start/Stop button after and recording stops.

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