[Intervalometer] Force stop 'Like crazy' in M mode

Issue #2069 wontfix
lloyd created an issue

Not sure if there is any but perhaps a listener just to force stop/terminate the intervalometer when it's running "Like crazy" while in "M" mode e.g. hold down shutter for a full/half second or any other button?

I noticed half pressing the shutter button while in "Bulb" mode (Bulb timer is set to OFF) works just fine to force the intervalometer to stop even while it's still exposing but in "M" mode it just won't stop. Hitting Play or Menu, half pressing shutter or turning the dial to other modes it just keeps shooting unless turning the camera off to interrupt it or opening the card door which is unconventional.


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  1. lloyd reporter

    hey, yea actually there is no problem with turning off the camera. I was just wondering, in the same settings and modes I mentioned, hitting PLAY or half-pressing the shutter during exposure works for 5D2 to stop the interval? I checked with a friend of mine that uses it as I mentioned and he said he stops it using those methods. He uses 5D2. Kind of odd.

  2. Alex

    When the shutter is pressed, Canon code may lock other buttons. So yes, in this case, different cameras may behave differently.

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