AFMA DotTune "This Lens" option fails on 6D

Issue #2071 resolved
nikfreak created an issue

"This lens" option doesn't work well on 6D. As stated on the official forum thread i found out that I have to use "all lenses" option that I can get my 70-200 2.8L zoom to o AFMA at 70+mm. sursprisingly at 70mm it will do AFMA when option 2this lens" is set. But everything greater than 70mm (=71-200mm) won't beep at all. It will try to do AFMA but not beep so not be succesfull. "This lens" option will give me a value of -6 for 70mm. rest won't beep.

"All lenses" option will work for 70-200mm and correctly will beep and succesfully finish whichever mm i use. But it will result also in 70mm (-16 value) and 200mm (-1 value).

Any idea why "this lens" works only at 70mm and will give -6 value??

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  1. nikfreak reporter

    Does this have to do with afma extended range config which ayshish suggested on forum thread?

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