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ANDRE created an issue

In advance sorry for my english... I'm not using this language everyday! ^^ I'v searched for the same problem, if it what already reported but they are so many subject!

So the (3) problem(s) is when you are in review mode (for picture):

Without MJ, you could see up to 9 pics by pressing zoom out button. (Let's name it level A) by pressing zoom in we have 4 pics (name it level B) Then one pic (level C) And then 15 level of zoom of this picture (level D to R).

With MJ, zoom out have no problem whatever the level we are. But by pressing zoom in...

You go from A to C (not a great issue), From B to R! (with a very little time on C, but not staying on it) From C to R! From R to C. (This is, I think, the only thing wich is an improvement)

if i could help i would do it, but i'm not an expert in programing.

Hope you can do something.


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  1. ANDRE reporter

    Thank you but... What can i do to go a least, from C to D?

    It sucks not being able to target what you want gradually zoom. (google translation)

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