pink horizontal strands 5d3 .mlv JULY14 build

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Anand G created an issue

Hi.. I can see pink lines flashing then and there in some frames in .mlv footage shot with 5d mark III, July build of magic lantern. Please help me fix this problem for the already shot videos. The lines show up in many footage.. Also, how can I prevent this in forthcoming shoots?


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  1. Anand G reporter

    I got this strand in cdng extracts too.. (i noticed in resolve). But the same footage when played after a couple of days did not show these pink strands. I went away magically. I do not understand this..

  2. Alex

    The same MLV file, sometimes it had pink lines, and other times not?!

    Can you try to process it with mlv_dump?

  3. Anand G reporter

    Another strange thing is that I accidentally opened the same file, which I had as a backup, from another folder and that file copy did not show any pink strand or line and is clear!

    Below are the two pics at the same frame of same file from different folders, showing pink and no-pink line. Pls help me to solve this problem. Thank you.



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