EOS-M can't TAP to switch keep ML when formatting

Issue #2078 resolved
Christian Chaney created an issue

With Nightly.2014Aug02 it's impossible to tap the screen to switch between keep ML or erase when formatting the card.

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  1. Alex

    Can you check what butttons are available when the format dialog is displayed? Maybe we can pick something better than screen tap, since I guess you also tap the screen to change Canon settings.

    You can use "Debug -> Show GUI events" for this.

  2. Christian Chaney reporter

    Exactly, you can tap the screen for Low level format / Cancel / OK.

    It seems that the trash button is free. (2c / 2d)

  3. Alex

    The trash button isn't used for choosing the low-level format option? (that's how it's on most cameras)

  4. Daniel Fort

    I'm going through open bugs for EOSM so I tested this one.

    INFO toggles low-level formatting option (tapping screen also works) TRASH chooses between keeping ML or deleting (tapping screen still doesn't work)

    Note that the ML folder with settings is left on the card after formatting with the remove ML option.

    Also note that the [DELETE] in the warning message is a bit confusing as it appears whether you are saving or removing ML. Is [DELETE] supposed to tell the user to use the TRASH button to switch options?

  5. Licaon Kter

    I used this yesterday and [DELETE] sounds strange indeed. This looks like a straight word replace maybe?

  6. Daniel Fort

    Just as a suggestion, in platform/EOSM.202/consts.h Line 130 change:

    #define FORMAT_BTN_NAME "[DELETE]"


    #define FORMAT_BTN_NAME "[Trash Button]"

    It is not ideal but at least it directs the user to the right button.

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