Audio RemoteShot seems not to work anymore on 600D

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egc created an issue

Hi! It seems like Audio RemoteShot does not work anymore. I have it on level=10 but nothing happens when clapping hands or whatever ... When i turn the camera off and on again the Audio RemoteShot is always OFF even if i didn't turn it off. I use magiclantern-Nightly.2014Aug08.600D102


Best regards egc

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  1. egc reporter

    Ok, i noticed that i can make it work turning the wheel to Movie-Mode and then back again to M-mode. But still shutting down the camera and turning it on again the Audio RemoteShot is always deactivated. If i activate it in M-mode it does not work.

  2. egc reporter

    In fact, the LEDs for sound since that time very often are not active when i turn on the camera in video mode. I need to change to play mode and back or start a short record to "activate" the LEDs. Then they work normally. This workaround i need to do also when activating Audio RemoteShot: go to video mode, so the LEDs are active and then turn back to M mode. Only after this procedure the Audio RemoteShot works. The only thing that changed lately is the M mode part, because earlier it was not necessary to go to Video mode and back to activate the Audio RemoteShot. And what's new also is that if i turn of and on the camera the Audio RemoteShot is always deactivated in the menu. It's not a big issue and i can live perfectly with this workaround, i just thought it could be an interesting information for developers. Thanks!

  3. Alex

    Can you find the nightly build when this change happened?

    If you can compile ML, it would be best if you can run "hg bisect" to find the exact changeset.

  4. egc reporter

    Sorry, i have no idea about compiling ... but i will try to find out by version. It could take a bit longer to find it as i rarely use Audio RemoteShot.

  5. egc reporter

    Hi a1ex, i guess you're right. I tested now the latest available nightly build (3rd of March) and it has the same behaviour, so it probably was always there and i just didn't notice it.

    What i did: - turn on camera in M mode - go to Audio menu and set Override audio settings to YES - turn off the camera - turn on the camera - turn on Audio RemoteShot - Audio RemoteShot won't work - go to Audio menu - LED bar gets active - exit menu - Audio RemoteShot now works - turn off the camera - turn on the camera - Audio RemoteShot is OFF

    So during tests i noticed that it is not even necessary to go to Movie mode to "activate" audio LEDs, it's enough to go to Audio menu and LEDs get active.

    I'm afraid i can not tell you more about this issue. If i should do some more tests, please let me know.


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