Only .mov-files being recorded on 5D2 and 5D3

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Yesterday I tried to update my 5Dmk3's nightly but now the camera only records .mov files. The ML is running, I see on the camera's screen but won't record RAW. There's no error messages either.

Today I installed the stable version of ML to my 5Dmk2 for the first time. Everything went well until the same happened: the camera only records .mov-files.

I feel VERY stupid. Does anyone have any idea what's happening? I have used the 5D3 on customer work for months, would need it tomorrow and now I'm in trouble..

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  1. Johanan Pandone

    You must enable MLV_rec and MLV_snd on the modules tab, and I don't think RAW is available in stable 2.3, so you should install most recent nightly on both cameras and then enable the modules you need.

  2. Albert Shih

    Presumed to be user error unless confirmation is provided that raw_rec or mlv_rec have been enabled (and the stable build doesn't have raw recording)

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