cr2hdr dual iso 3x zoom mode strange bottom lines

Issue #2091 resolved
danne created an issue

cr2hdr versions starting from around 2013-12-02 and as in today are giving strange conversion results in dual iso 3x zoom mode. At the bottom of almost every frame there will either be a white line or some random colored lines, purple or so on. Earlier versions of cr2hdr don,t seem to have this issue. Tested wth these versions lately cr2hdr 310e39f 140227 and cr2hdr-20bit 30a5132 140507 cr2hdr version 2f4e2df 20113-12-02 All are giving a white line at the bottom. Provided testfile here.

Some extra info in this thread starting from #378;topicseen#msg125983

Attached picture is a crop to show you the thin white line at the bottom.

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