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Johann Schür created an issue

Hey Guys,

so, I´m not shure but i think there is a posibility to get same MLV filenames, for example when I update ML.

May its possible to link that to the Canon SW? Or to do this with a little trick. MLV Filenames based on CR2 Names read out .. or something like this.

Hope this is the right way to ask for this. I cant found a better.

Thank you for your work!

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  1. Albert Shih

    The current naming of MLV filenames is based on the day of the month and the time, so collisions of identical names are certainly possible, although they would be unrelated to whether you update ML or not.

  2. Johann Schür reporter

    Ok, thanks for your answer!

    So, I realy can imagin that some people work on projekts which take more than one year. In this case would be enough a month, right?

    So its about the hard post workflow. And its about working with proxies. The Idea is to let render the proxies from Resolve. And let Resolve ad Reel Numbers in the Metadata. Otherwise the proxie workflow wont work. And if there are identical names its also will NOT work.

    Instead of renaming Folder by Folder may with Software. The Problem can get fixed at the root.

    Here a Link to that Workflow. (First Video) For me its the coolest workflow. But with some unnecessary obstacles.

    The hard post ist No 1 reason wy people dont use ML RAW Video. Also it swallows creativity.

    A solution would be cool.

    Sorry for my bad english. Greetings from Germany.

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