Wrong squeeze factor and recorded vertical resolution in 720p and 480p

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Lukáš Chmela created an issue

Raw_rec shows wrong sqeeze factor in 720p mode.

With resolution set to 1152, aspect 2.20:1, ML records 1152x378 and says to squeeze 1.39x to 1152x524 which is ultimately wrong as the picture needs to be stretched to around 1152x620 (figured out using a square grid), giving aspect ratio ~1.85:1.

A possible fix is to replace "correct_height" computation in raw_rec.c:440 with the next line. This, however, gives squeeze factor of 1.69x - wouldn't be possible to do less line skipping in order to keep vertical stretching less hardcore?

Similarly, the same must apply to 480p mode where raw_rec doesn't show any squeeze factor at all. Video is recorded at resolution of 1152x524 but needs to be stretched to approximately 1152x880. Thus, a possible fix is altering the condition in raw_rec:437 as follows:

if ( (cam_eos_m && !video_mode_crop) ? (lv_dispsize == 1) : ( (video_mode_resolution == 1 || video_mode_resolution == 2) && lv_dispsize == 1 && is_movie_mode()) ) /* 720p, 480p, image squeezed */

Furthermore, something very similar happens with silent pictures which have to be squeezed vertically. Neither mlv_play, nor pic_view respect the line skipping and they do not stretch the images appropriately. In what concerns raw video, 1080p seems to be ok with no stretching.

Thank you in advance.

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