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Hello! Canon EOS 6D, magiclantern-v31337.TRAGIC.2014Jun17.6D113. Noticed three problems: 1) Camera will not record video in 25p / IPB, no matter where, Full HD or a HD, in compression mode IPB, the camera starts recording but after a few seconds, recording stops with the message: "The recording has been automatically stopped", it is proposed to make reebot, but the camera freezes completely, even off / on does not work, have to pull the battery. 2) If during the recording to change settings (ISO, aperture ...), then the screen goes blank red recording indicator (circle), while the recording continues. From time to time you start to get confused, there is a record or it has stopped because the visualization is not. 3) It often happens that while you press the stop, the camera continues to record video, as it slows down the process of stopping the recording, it is necessary to press 2-3 times to the recording stops.

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