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BigPhattyVW created an issue


I just installed the 7D nightly build (2014.Aug20.7D203(1)) successfully. Somehow the scroll wheel is not adjusting the aperture value as assigned in the custom settings menu. I tried changing the function to change the shutter speed. Once changed it did not work there either. The scroll wheel works just fine in everywhere else and I can change the value with the q button. And upon further inspection it does not want to adjust exposure compensation either in Av or Tv modes. I apologize for re-posting this but I forgot to label what component or version this pertains to.

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  1. BigPhattyVW reporter

    Unfortunately no. I cannot adjust the aperture in manual mode, or if I set it to adjust the shutter in the custom functions menu it doesn't do that either. In the other modes it won't change the exposure compensation value. The small finger wheel on top of the camera near the shutter button works fine though.

  2. BigPhattyVW reporter

    I just checked and in fact it does not. Thanks for removing my double post by the way.

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