cr2hdr: DNG contains uncorrected HDR data for an overexposed image

Issue #2114 resolved
Lukáš Chmela created an issue

cr2hdr seems to skip dual ISO correction at least in highly overexposed images showing ixel rows with altering exposure.

The attached picture shows a highly overexposed sky. I am aware that there is nearly no detail in the photo since the signal levels get very closely to the sensor's saturation. However, looking at a camera-generated JPEG showing gray lines, I suppose there still might be some detail left and at least the generated DNG file shouldn't show any horizontal banding.

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  1. Lukáš Chmela reporter

    Uh, seems like I have a wrong version of cr2dng (or some old library). The one I am using is compiled from up-to-date ML sources (modules/dual_iso).

    The DNG shows altering exposure for odd/even lines and the ufraw-developed JPEG is all pink even with AWB.

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