HDR bracketing glitch when exposure compensation set at non-whole values

Issue #2119 resolved
Bofei Cao created an issue

When shooting at, for example, +2/3 exposure compensation at 3 shots, 3 stop step, the exposures should be: +2/3, -2 1/3, +3 2/3 But they are: +2/3, 0, +3 2/3

Same goes for any other non-whole exposure compensation.

Problem lies in shoot.c, function expo_value_rounding_ok the line int r = raw % 8; should be int r = (raw % 8 + 8) % 8;

This is because the mod of a negative number is negative! For example, the current code (and mathematicians) expects -5 % 8 to be 3, but it in fact evaluates to -5 in the code.

I'm not experienced with the project so don't want to commit the change myself. Hopefully you can review and evaluate!

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  1. Alex

    Good catch, forgot about this quirk. I mostly use the MOD macro, which works as mathematicians would expect, but this went unnoticed.

    edit: in this case, I think the check should be ABS(raw) % 8. Didn't try it yet, but I expect symmetrical behavior for positive/negative EC.

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