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claudewolke created an issue

when I shoot against the sun or i have sunreflektions, after converting the .mlv foorage to dng, light blue pixels and pixel flogs become visible in the overexposed areas. I capture with a 5d mark 3 ML Version 07.08.2014. 1920*1080

For maging the DNGs I used MLV Converter + the newest MLVDump.

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  1. claudewolke reporter

    hi a1ex, i made a short googleing about this comands for mlv_dump - but i do not found anything about it - what is the command to fix hot pixels in every frame?

    kindest Regards christian

    Am 18.09.2014 11:23, schrieb a1ex:

  2. escho

    The mlv_dump-option --fixcp repairs cold pixels, but only real cold pixels (sensor defects), which can be found (per definition) always at the same location in every frame.

    What we need here is an option to detect the cold pixels in every frame seperately (as Alex told). This option doesn´t exist yet, but can programmed in easily, I guess. Such an option would be good too, to repair the cold-pixels at the very high ISOs, which aren´t all covered by the existing fix.

    In your special case, I don´think, that it´s done with such an enhanced option. I believe, in addition the repair algorith must be changed a bit and defect neibour pixels must be excluded from computing the repair-value. That´s because of the high amount of defect neigbours in your case.

    To be sure for the algorithm and for testing purposes, it would be nice, if you can upload a short video-sequence somewhere.

    The next three weeks, I´m busy in other projects. After this, I will have a look at this stuff. If someone else wants do do this earlier, please feel free and do it :)


  3. claudewolke reporter

    Hi nice idea Edgar, i will upload some .mlv stuff. Btw Baldur fixes it in his applikation (mlvviewer,) but he was not able to solve the vertical lines issue for mark 3 material - so it would be nice to get a tool to be able to convert all what i shoot. staye tuned, I just need a day with sun... kindest regards c.

    Am 19.09.2014 11:09, schrieb escho:

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