Formating SD card with ML

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ecuador garcia created an issue

Had to format the SD Card, It asked me if I want to keep ML data on SD after formatting

I selected that option

when the card was formatted it work normal until it the camera started taking pictures by it self, suddenly it would not turn on, (had full batteries), after pulling the cards and battery several times it decided to turn on, after finishing the photo shoot with hic-ups due to those issues, I noticed while uploading the photos that in the SD card the "ML5D3123.FIR" file was missing.

AUTOEXEC.BIN and the ML folder where still on the SD card, so don't know what happend. and in the CF card there were 4 LOG files, that sadly got lost because I was writing this without knowing it's a different account from ML forums, and after signing up here, can't find the log files Oh and a camera error popped up on the LCD but after 2 seconds the camera rebooted by itself

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