600D crashes when viewing mlv in file manager err70

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Setup for raw mlv with snd. Recorded short clip. Attempt view in filemanager and then crash err70. Pull batt. Restart. All is fine. disable raw capabilities. Attched are log and crash logs This is likely a duplicate of Issue #2118, but the description there did not seem to match my steps and that item had only a crash log.

I never shoot in raw so this is pretty much the first time i used mlv raw.

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  1. nick barry

    Here is the CRASH log contents: ASSERT: !IS_ERROR( Result ) at MoviePlayer\MovPlayState.c:3634, task MoviePlay lv:0 mode:20

    Magic Lantern version : Nightly.2014Aug20.600D102 Mercurial changeset : 80488b4f8ad1 (unified) tip Built on 2014-08-20 01:00:40 UTC by jenkins@magiclantern.fm. Free Memory : 228K + 886K

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